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  • Helps in sustaining the erection for a longer time.
  • Helps to improve your penish size
  • Help in achieving harder erection
  • Cures night emissions/ Nightfall
  • Improve testosterone levels and blood vessels.
  • Improves performance and increase confidence.
  • Zero side effects risk
  • Very impressive result

Hashmi Hard Rock Capsule: Instant Erection Capsule In India

Hard Rock Capsule is one of the best Instant Erection capsule dysfunction medicine in India. It’s an herbal ED treatment made by Dr. Hashmi after a deep dive research on human penis Anatomy. This medicine for erectile dysfunction in India is extracted from herbal compositions and natural herbs.
Hard Rock Capsule is made for those people are who are suffering from erectile dysfunction/ impotence, and early ejaculation. These harder Instant Erection capsule will give you a hard rock erection and long-lasting stamina.

What is Erectile Dysfunction ( ED ) in the male and its Instant Erection Capsule?

Erectile Dysfunction in male, also known as Impotence, is a very grave issue in a man`s sex life. Some men fail to develop an erection, some may develop an erection that does not remain rigid enough to allow satisfactory intercourse. Not being able to get an erection in front of your girl/ woman turns out to be an embarrassment and deprives her of the best moments of her life.

No matter how much the man tries to get the stern erection, he fails and when the moment is gone, the excitement is gone. To tackle this irritating erectile problem efficiently and give you Hard Rock erections, our herbal medicine Hard Rock Capsule is here, which is one of the Instant Erection Pills for erectile dysfunction in India.

Impotency in the male is a such a situation, which can let anyone down whether he is young or aged. Thus, we work day and night to give people a progressive path. We have gained our knowledge through study and experiments over a long period of time.

Why ED Happens?

Erection problem basically happens due to the hormonal issue, blood flow, and weakness in the penis veins. This ED Instant Erection Capsule is the single solution to treat all these issues. Natural herbs that are selected after extensive research removes the Erectile dysfunction with all its symptoms.

How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction ( ED )?

The ED Instant Erection Capsule are designed to work on the hormone secretion and strengthen the penile muscles. The improved blood flow to the penis cells results in bigger and harder erections. It is a powerful solution for those whose situation is worse than normal.

The medicine works as an exact shot for all the erection and timing related issues. This erectile dysfunction treatment will give you an unbelievable power to get harder and stronger erections that will sustain for longer timing, non-stop sexual stamina, and explosive orgasms. Instant Erection Pills for erectile dysfunction will help you to rock your time every time.

Ingredients of Hard Rock Capsule

Musli Siah-60mg, Musli Safed-50mg, Gheekwar-10mg, Arjun-10mg, Santhanol-10mg, Tume Khatri-10mg, Kuram-10mg, Aryee-10mg, Asgand Nagol-10mg, Kadu-10mg, Raihan-10mg, Gaozaban-10mg, Bathwa-10mg, Funduq-10mg, Kalonji-10mg, Gajar-10mg

Quantity and Course Duration

Hard Rock capsule is packed with 20 capsules per bottle for 20 days. If you want to get rid of erectile dysfunction you should use Instant Erection Capsule hardly 2-months continuously.


One capsules twice a day after breakfast and the other one after dinner, but we recommend to call our specialists for the consultation first.

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20 Capsule

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Hard Rock 20 Capsule


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